About tweed rides

What is a tweed ride?

A tweed ride is a bicycle event in which participants dress in a retro style and recreate the spirit of a bygone era. Tweed rides became popular after the London Tweed Run was established in 2009. The format spread to many cities in the coming years, including Portland, Oregon. We participated in our first tweed ride in 2012 when we were living in Atlanta, Georgia. This tweed ride was covered by CNN. After we moved to Corvallis, we established the Corvallis Tweed Ride in 2015 and the Albany Tweed Ride in 2017. Tweed rides are often held in the Spring or Fall given that tweed clothing is more appropriate for cool weather. A similar type of ride for summer weather has sometimes been referred to as a "Seersucker Social" ride. 

Other tweed rides & information

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Decatur (Georgia) Tweed Ride

We participated in the Decatur Tweed Ride in 2012 and 2013. After we moved to Corvallis, we started our own tweed ride in 2015. CNN published a story about the first Decatur Tweed Ride:

Grinberg, E. (2012, November 13). Pedal perfect: Bikers shed spandex to inspire new riders. CNN.

Holmes, S. E. (2012, November 2). Join us for the Houndstooth Autumn Tweed & Vintage Ride. Be Active Decatur.

More photos

Decatur, Georgia Tweed Ride - November 2012

Decatur, Georgia Tweed Ride - November 2013

Tweed ride clothing

You can often find great clothing for tweed rides at your local thrift shop. Here are some sources for new clothing:

The Natty Dresser (in Albany, Oregon)

Cordings (UK)

Historical Emporium  

The Vintage Dancer

Corvallis Tweed Ride attendance history

2015 = 18 2016 = 12 2017 = 12 2018 = 22 2019 = 14 2020 = 13 2021 = 12

2022 = 29 2023 = 26

The poster for the first London Tweed Run in 2009.

Decatur (Georgia) Tweed Ride 2012 (photo by Cameron Adams)

At the Decatur (Georgia) Tweed Ride 2012 (photo by Cameron Adams)