Guidelines for participation

Guidelines for participating in the Corvallis Tweed Ride

By participating in this event you are indicating that you agree to the following:

(1) To abide by Oregon state laws and Corvallis ordinances regarding bicycling. See: Oregon Bicycling Manual and City of Corvallis - Bike law & safety

(2) To signal your intentions to other riders when turning and stopping.

(3) To always use your own judgement regarding your own safety.

(4) To bring safety concerns to the attention of event organizers.

(5) To be responsible for the maintenance of your own bicycle, including managing a flat tire. 

(6) Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and Oregon state law requires cyclists under age 16 to wear a helmet.  

(7) That you understand that riding bicycles on city streets comes with the risk of serious injury or death, and that the organizers of this event are not responsible for circumstances beyond their control.